Somali Week is the Minnesota Somali community’s largest celebration of the year.  Consisting of the Somali Independence Day Festival, Xasuuso (Remember) 1960 and a soccer tournament, Somali Week is a week-long event from June 29, 2018 to July 7, 2018 hosted in various locations across the Twin Cities. The theme of Somali Week 2018 is Promoting Diversity through Unity and Inclusion. Over the years, this event has grown from one block with 5,000 – 8,000 participants, to three blocks with a diverse crowd of over 40,000 participants. This year, Somali Week is hosted by Ka Joog and the West Bank Athletic Club.

Ka Joog is a nationally-recognized Somali American nonprofit organization tailored towards enriching the lives of Somali American youth by utilizing the positive elements of education, mentoring, employment, and the arts. Ka Joog’s mission is to create a better world by providing community-based, culturally specific programs and services to Somali youth and their families.

Established in 2007 by a group of Somali young adults, Ka Joog focuses its efforts on encouraging Somali youth to “ka joog” or “stay away” from negative influences such as drugs, violence, radicalization, and other behaviors that can be detrimental to their development and future. Instead, Ka Joog directs youth towards higher education, civic involvement, and a volunteer commitment to the community. Ka Joog helps Somali youth understand their options and make the right choices, through programs offering mentoring, tutoring, and job readiness training. Ka Joog also provide positive outlets through the arts, and encourages youth to share their talents with others.

Ka Joog has received several local and national awards for its accomplishments, including, but not limited to, Somali-American Community Appreciation Award, the Youth Leadership of the Year Award by the City of Minneapolis, and the U.S. Congressional Records award in honor of “… its contributions to the Somali community of Minnesota through art, education, and political action.”

The West Bank Athletic Club is a non-profit whose mission is to provide the youth of Cedar Riverside and the Twin Cities area with quality year-round programming for players aged 5 to 18. The West Bank Athletic Club strives to create leaders in the community by providing a safe, healthy environment for young athletes. It offers quality year-round; skill-based training sports programs to develop creative and confident team players. The organization looks to instill on the values of respect, fair play, responsibility, self-discipline, and the value of hard work through sports in all its participants.

Somali Week Sports Tournament

  Ka Joog enjoys partnering with local organizations to provide sports activities during Somali Week. Updates for 2018 coming soon!    

Somali Independence Day

Come celebrate Somali Independence Day with music, food, and games, at this annual family friendly street festival. Wondering what is Somali Independence Day? Attend this free educational event! Somali Independence Day will be held on June 30, 2018! Keep checking our website for specific times, and location. As Somali Week’s largest event, Ka Joog has … Continue reading Somali Independence Day

Xasuuso (Remember) 1960

Updates for 2018 coming soon! Come learn about Somali culture, history, and the meaning of Somali Independence Day through a photography exhibit, performances, and discussion highlighting memories from Somalia and stories of the diaspora. All are welcome Limited seating (first come, first serve) Food and beverages provided This activity is made possible by the voters … Continue reading Xasuuso (Remember) 1960